Canva vs Crello – A Complete Autopsy

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Online graphic design software is now commonly used to create professional-looking graphical content. With the drag and drop approach and user-friendly design experiences, anyone can learn and use them within a couple of minutes. But choosing the right one is quite challenging sometimes as there are a lot of choices to select.

This document will show you an in-depth comparison between two widely used online design tools Canva and Crello. Here we will be looking for the answer which is the best for you between Canva vs Crello. If you have any confusion about which one is fit for you, I hope that it will be clear after reading this document. 

So, without losing any more time, let’s begin the war between Crello vs Canva. Bet for one and view the full content to know the winner of the battle.

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Why Do You Use an online Designing Tool for your next design?

Canva vs Crello - A Complete Autopsy 1

Online designing tools are accessible from anywhere you demand. All you have to log in, and you are free to use and manage your designs. These online design software have many management options with an accessible dashboard that help you create your account, manage and save your file, privacy settings, download or share with your coworker or network.

By using online tools, you don’t have to design if you don’t want to. Because it comes with various default features and templates that you can use, drag and drops, combine or use with simple button clicks, and it also easily lets you create your designs by using the tools functions. The completed designs are used for a wide range of purposes like E-book, presentations, websites, print posters, social media, etc. Finally, it’s very cheap in terms of cost; sometimes, it’s free of charge with limited features, which is enough for most users. This article will focus on their relative comparison instead of ‘how to use Crello’ or ‘how to use Canva.’

Canva vs Crello – Quick Overview

Before digging into the deep comparison between Canva vs Crello, Let’s see a quick overview of their features. Both are rich in terms of various aspects. However, good things have some disadvantages too.

Pre-Made TemplateYesYes
Image DatabaseYesYes
Image EditorYesYes
Data VisualizationYesNo
Drag and Drop ApproachYesYes
Free TrialYesYes

What is Canva?

canva vs crello

Canva is an online-based graphics designing tool that can create professional media graphics in a minute, and you can shear those visual content anywhere you want with perfect measurement. Canva offers a wide range of rich features with much flexibility in image editing, creating, and many more. Canva is suitable and good for both experts and non-designers. 

Canva users can create stunning documents and graphics by using their super easy drag and drop friendly interface. It allows you image straightening, cropping, adding text to an image, adding icons and stickers, and lots of relevant features.

Anyone can use Canva for free for a lifetime with limited features. However, if you want to unlock fantastic professional features, then you should buy the pro plan.

Best Features of Canva:

  • Teams: You can design together with your team in real-time. It helps you move faster without worrying about devices and user accounts, just inviting and working together.
  • Textures: if a flat color doesn’t make you happy, Canva gives you a wide variety of textured backgrounds for your design. Try this.
  • Image cropper: You can crop your images. Their cropping tool helps you so that your shoots look gorgeous with the correct size.
  • Add text to photo: Easily add text with style and color to any image for a quick caption or compelling commentary.
  • Photo effects: You can add stellar photo effects to make your photos look magnificent
  • Photo straightener: Instantly straightener your images to your satisfaction without wasting your time.
  • Transparent images: Every element in Canva design is adjustable with transparency so that you can create soft, dreamy designs with transparent images background.


Free:  Free version of canva is available with limited features access.

Canva Pro: Canva pro charges a $12.95 bill for a month with a maximum of five people. You can pay less if you are willing to pay yearly at $119.40.

Canva Enterprise: Teams with up to 50 members have to pay $30 per person for a month.

What is Crello?

Canva vs Crello - A Complete Autopsy 2

Crello is a new player and a true Canva alternative in the online design tool war. It offers users to create professional-looking graphics, animation, and concise video design within just a few clicks with ready-made templates or from scratch using their vast collection of design tools and features. It has more than 12000 static and 5000 video ready-made templates and has access to over 70 million Depositphotos stock image libraries.

They also offer unique templates on worldwide holidays and local holidays like Independence day, Mother’s day, Diwali, etc., which are very useful for the user to create faster.

Using cello is very easy; just signup, pick a template, do some drag and drop, find stunning beautiful photos or videos or gifs for work with lots of people engaged.

Crello comes with a free version with all freemium features to start designing. However, if you want to have all the pro collectin, you have to buy a pro plan.

Best Features of Crello:

  • Remove Background: Remove the background from any photo or make it transparent in a few seconds. Turn your ideas into outstanding visuals with the easy-to-use background eraser.
  • Add Frame to Photo: With various frames in the Crello library, you can make a post, Insta story, ad, or printable postcard that looks nice and neat.
  • Add Speech Bubble to Photo: With Crello’s speech bubbles, your characters can do the talking. Add personality, humor, and emotion to your designs.
  • Photo Filters: Apply beautiful filters to your photos in a snap. Crello has many significant photo filters, be it a classy B&W or a vivid Festive effect.
  • Stickers: Add cute thematic stickers to your designs and emphasize a specific holiday or occasion. Have fun with hiding The Pain Harold pack.
  • Icons: Icons don’t need translation, yet speak to everyone. With the help of Crello, you can create your icons or use the ones we have.
  • Badges: Want to make a fantastic design for your new blog article? Throw a beautiful picture on a blank canvas, add a badge, and you’re done.
  • Animated Effects: Animate any element on the artboard. Make those stickers scatter on the canvas. Let those shapes zoom in and out with delays.
  • Animated Logos: Logos can be awesome, but animated logos are even better. They grab attention; they are sophisticated; they’re more fun.
  • Trim Video: Say no more to complex software. Just upload your video to Crello and trim it in a snap, or use our vast library of HD video clips.
  • Add Music to Pictures or Video: Add music to any picture, animation, or MP4 video in minutes with our easy-to-use interface. Use thousands of tracks from the built-in media library or upload your own.


Free: The starter Free version is available.

Crello Pro: Crello Pro plan charges a $9.99 bill for a month with a maximum of three invitation teams. You can pay 20% less if you are willing to pay yearly.

What is the difference (Canva vs Crello):

Both Canva and Crello are excellent tools to use for professional-grade graphic design that meets your marketing needs for sure. However, features and resources wise they have their own preference too. Let’s see some in-depth comparisons between Crello vs Canva below. 

Canva vs Crello - A Complete Autopsy 3

The simplicity of User interface: 

Canva and Crello user interfaces are mainly identical to each other. They both have a working window with a canvas on the right side, the design element on the left side, and a download button at the top-right corner. 

You will notify the differences when you are editing the text or adjusting the images. When you are clicking on a particular photo or text on the canva canvas, the tools menu appears on the top bar with required editing options. On the other side of Crello canvas, you will get a popup tools window with similar editing options.

In terms of interface, there is no vital difference between Crello and Canva. They both have a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Even for a novice designer, It only takes minutes to learn how to use it.

Features and capabilities:

Crello and Canva come with features to ease your job in designing something for the web. Both can create social media-related designs like visual content for new posts, Facebook cover, Twitter header, and YouTube Channel art. However, you can also use them to create other designs like blog headers, posters, flyers, invitations, etc.

Canva is superior in terms of the document type. It has over 60,000+ editable templates and 400 thousand+ stock photos and graphics. You’ll never run out of options when it comes to creating on-demand content with unlimited team collaboration. On the other hand, Crello is suited to create animate social media-related designs. Crello offers 30 thousand plus templates and 500 thousand images which can be used by up to four people in limited team collaboration. 

The best thing about Crello is that you can use all of the available features for free, only you have to pay for the premium images. Meanwhile, Canva doesn’t offer all the editing components in the free version.


Crello and canva provide multiple customization options to assist you in producing great designs. They both have a photo editor tool, and both work fine for almost similar tasks. Users can easily drag their image into the editor, and users can filter, crop, resize, or edit their photos. Users can also improve image saturation, brightness, and contrast to get their preferred look. The tool lets users add text, speech bubbles, stickers, and icons to their photos. 

Colors combination are the primary elements for graphic designers to create the most outstanding designs. Crello and Canva both have the color customization tool. Using this tool, the user can use the default color or produce any color combination quickly.

Font combination is another crucial element to make elegant designs. Crello and Canva both allow users to use multiple font combinations to best match your created designs.

The fundamental difference between Canva vs Crello in terms of customization is animation. In Crello, users can easily create beautiful and engaging videos. With the animated effect, they can animate elements on artboards, use stickers and zoom in and out of shapes without delays, and create sophisticated animated logos to grab the audience’s attention. Meanwhile, Canva is trying to include this part of their system.

Mobile Apps

Crello and Canva are both available on both mobile and desktop devices. So users can do their job on the web or their mobile devices. Canva and Crello are both available for download on the Apple app store and Google play store. For this reason, Canva vs Crello debate comes to a neutral point in terms of mobile apps.

Add-ons and Integrations:

Canva supports lots of third-party integration and apps. It has almost all widely used social media and commercial-free stock platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pexels, MailChimp, Pixabay, etc. by these add-ons, you can easily embed your social feed on your designs. But this time, Crello doesn’t support this cool feature; you have to use their built-in social media sharing options to share your works on social media.

Video And Image Converter

For the video and image converter, Crello is a real Canva alternative. Crello’s image converter allows users to transform their image files into other formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF. Crello also has an online video converter. It can make GIF files, trimmed the required portion of a video file, and so on. On the other hand, Canva doesn’t have an image and a video converter. 

Free  version comparisons:

Both tools come with a free plan, let’s discuss how they differ from one another. Canva offers 250,000+ free templates, 100+ design types like social media posts, presentations, letters, and more. Canva also has hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics with 5GB of cloud storage in their free version. On the other side, Crello offers 30k+ static and animated graphic design templates, 650k+ unique, premium stock images from Lightfield Productions, and 32k+ full Hd video clips. Crello also has instant access to 180M+ stock images and videos on Depositphotos for their free version. Crello doesn’t have an invite team member option in their free version but Canva offers this invite team member option with collaborating and comment in real-time option.

Pro version comparisons:

Let’s see a quick comparison of the pro plan between Canva and Crello.

Upload Own Fonts
Storage100 GBUnlimited
Premium Images2+ Million500,000+
Download In Transparent
Team CollaborationUnlimited MembersUp to 4 Members
Animate Designs
Brand Management


Canva and Crello both have lots of users. People who create video or animation designs prefer Crello, and people who do images and other graphic designs use Canva. However, I choose Crello slightly more because of better functionality with freemium features and a cheaper option to create awesome GIP or animated designs for the newest trends. Let us know which one you try or set to try after reading this blog, which one seems more accurate yet perfect to you. And don’t forget to share your valuable opinion regarding the list in the comment section below.


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