Promotional Article

Promotional Article 1

Every day we receive a constant stream of emails asking us to cover plugin, themes, templates, SaaS applications, and other services, but we cannot cover everything as you know it isn’t possible. Instead, we offer a Promotional Article service to give an overview of your product or service, with a description and feature list in front of our thousands of readers who visit our blog every day.

It’s a paid service and you just need to supply the images and a list of the main points you want to convey; we write an article in an organized way consists of at least one thousand words that tell the usability and functionality of your products

Promotional article plays an important role in terms of SEO. Suppose, someone Google about your products but doesn’t find you just because your product hasn’t a keyword-based article or description. As you know, without a proper SEO based article, Google won’t rank your site. Therefore, you need a promotional article for your every service. Besides, we make “Bestselling,” “Top rated,” and these kinds of lists so that you can gather more consumers, and that leads you a better earning.

Before publishing the article, we seek permission from the service owner, if our article satisfies them, then and only then we publish that on our website where thousands of readers wait for every day for new content; otherwise, we won’t publish it anywhere.