Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder – 2020

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When you have the best weapon in your hand, you’re a step away to win the war. So, it is crystal clear that choosing the best weapon is important, right?

In the same way, when you’re on a race for creating the best Joomla website for your business, you must choose an easy to use and modern page builder. Otherwise, you will fall back on the race. I am certain you don’t intend to be a looser.

So, to keep you on the right track, here, I have elaborately described the best Joomla page builder – Quix.

Let’s explore the reasons together why it is better than the best. 

Overview of Joomla Page Builder – Quix

Drag and Drop Visual Joomla Page Builder

When you’re creating any page for your website using Joomla page builder, it is important to see the changes that you have made. It helps you to improve the design. 

Quix knows it better than anyone else. For that reason, Quix has been introduced with visual builder years before. Quix visual builder is not only comes with pro version but also a free version as well. 

So, if you’re a beginner or still confused about buying the premium version, you’re most welcome to use Quix trial version. It will allow you to see live whatever you want to create. 

Those who’re professional, you can create visually impressive and professional looking websites without writing a single line of code. You can create any type of website in no time. There is nothing you can’t build with Quix. 

Design Customization 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 1
Design Customization

The main strength point for any Joomla page builder is its design customization flexibility. Designing itself is solely responsible for engaging a user with its first impression. 

Quix comes with the best designing features you have ever experienced. It has styling options like undo/redo, copy-paste, column resizer, shape divider, gradients, background video, overlay, and many more. Let’s have a quick look at these features. 

  • Undo/Redo Option: Quix Joomla page builder is the best for its instant capabilities. You can easily apply quick undo or redo if there any inaccuracy takes place. 
  • Instant Copy Paste: Simply copy any complex layouts or elements and paste them on your desired positions easily. Quix is well known for its hassle-free designing experience.
  • Column Resizer: Create a perfect layout and adjust the grid or column left to right just by dragging the resize button of Quix.
  • Advanced Typography: A perfect typography presentation can gather more traffic than anything else. As you know, a perfect typography presentation isn’t possible unless you’re using an advanced typography solution. Quix comes with the best typography solution you’ve ever seen. 
  • Background Gradients: A design can only be appealing when you make sure background gradients are perfect enough to catch your users’ attention. Quix makes sure you will get the best background gradients to give your website a unique look. 
  • Background Video & Overlay: Remember, when you last saw a unique design without an overlay. Nowadays, background video and overlay is as important as having content on your website. So, don’t compromise with these stuffs using none other page builder or template builder but Quix.

Faster Prototyping 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 2
Faster Prototyping

Quix offers you a lot more options to choose from. More than 200+ Ready-made Sections and Page Design are waiting for you where every template and block stands elegant and utterly different from one another. 

There are plenty of Quix blocks for Agent, Business, Event, and Marketing purposes. Just import any of the blocks instantly and then, change the text, font, image, and other relevant options as you like. These blocks are uniquely designed to shape your vision. 

Elements Collection 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 3

Unlike every other page builder, Quix is enriched with 40+ modern and powerful trendy elements. The developers are explicitly built these elements to help you build websites faster and easier. With its advanced design and customization, you can create the exact design that you want while building your site with Quix. 

Quix comes with more than 20 free elements that you can use on your website without paying a single penny. Besides free elements, Quix comes with more than 20 pro elements, and the number of elements is increasing certainly. 

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 4
Quix AMP

According to data collected by Google and SOASTA, 40% of visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Another statistic from econsultancy shows that most retail mobile sites take about 6.9 seconds to load, which is more than double the amount of moment 40 percent of customers wait before leaving the site.

So, you have really a tiny amount of time to catch your users’ attention. 

The question is, how could you manage your content to appear in front of your readers within these few seconds?

In this situation, AMP can really help you. ThemeXpert has brought Joomla AMP and Quix under the same roof named QuixAMP. It takes seconds to load content for a mobile user. Implementing QuixAMP is as comfortable as taking a shower on sunny days.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 5
Quix Rank

Suppose you’re creating content. You’re doing your level best so that it gets a better rank from Google. But, you have no idea how well you’re performing to get a better rank.

Now, imagine, you have a meter that shows you how well you’re performing. e.g., it shows you the points you have earned out of 100 while you’re creating content. Moreover, it recommends you which thing you should change to reach 100 points or the maximum level. 

Is it possible?

Yes, Quix has made it real.

Quix has been introduced with QuixRank that will show the percentage of possibility to get a better rank and recommend you which things you should change to get a better ranking. QuixRank have made Quix SEO more interesting. 

With Quix’s builtin SEO tool QuixRank, the unrivaled SEO feature, you can make search engine friendly pages without hiring an SEO expert.

Fastest Performance

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 6
Fastest Performance

Quix is always obsessed with its performance and didn’t compromise about providing better customer service ever. It will amaze you with its response time and page loading time. You can’t even imagine how less time now it consumes to insert an element or template on your page. Quix not only reduced its element adding time, but it also diminishes its response time.

Design and redesign your page in such a way that you want as Quix style changing becomes smoother than before. Changing background color, heading, text, slider image, repeatable items, etc. is no longer a hassle now. It responses you in a very smoother way. Moreover, drag and drop is more matured now. Section copy-pasting needs just a click to be done. 

Quix cut off its response time and page loading time in a significant number. Now, our revolutionary Joomla page builder – Quix 2.6.0 is 4x faster than before.

The most amazing part is that it won’t demand your extra effort or skills to get these features. So, download our updated Quix and enjoy the blazing fast speed and competes with your contemporary by having a super-fast website.

Framework Integration 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 7
Framework Integration

Quix supports almost all the Joomla frameworks and extensions. It is always concerned about ensuring faster and easier web development for Joomla developers. Just name a Joomla Template Framework; Quix can handle them all. 

This Joomla 3 page builder comes with compatibility for any templates and frameworks. The most popular frameworks, like t4, helix ultimate, gantry5, and astroid supports Quix. No matter which template or framework you like to use, Quix will always work perfectly.

Image Optimization

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 8
Image Optimization

Quix has an image optimizer. You can optimize as many images as you want. Just insert any number of images on your site, then optimize within one click.

Quix Optimize lets you optimize all your images from the builder page with a single click. There is no need to use any additional Joomla image optimizer tool to optimize your images. 

Just set the image quality and then optimize. If you think the balance between quality and size is not optimal, then you can re-optimize the images.

Access Controlling in Every Level

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 9

Suppose you want to give special offers to new users only

How will you do it? 

Create a new page and then make it hidden for old users? 

No, that’s an old idea. 

The smartest idea is to create the whole page with Quix then apply ACL to your preferred section. Your old users won’t see it unless you want to.
Using ACL, you will have two amazing features. 

  1. What a user can see on your Joomla website
  2. What a user can do on your Joomla website

Joomla ACL will allow you to control your user base. You can set specific permissions for specific people. Example, Superuser, Administrator, Guest, Public, etc.If you’re a beginner, you can read our blog post to know more about Quix ACL

Shape Divider

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 10
Shape Divider

Divide the two section in an elegant way with shape dividers. Quix has been introduced with more than 22 completely different shapes so far.

These shapes are entirely editable, adjust the shape according to your size, and divide the section in a unique way. 

Template Library 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 11
Template Library

Quix comes with 80+ free and premium smartly designed Joomla template collection. Each template is dedicatedly designed only for Joomla users.

These Joomla 3 templates are uniquely designed, SEO optimized, and fast. It offers Business, eCommerce, Event, Portfolio, and Onepage Joomla templates for you to download and get started in a minute.

If you’re not ready to buy a premium Joomla template, you can use a buzz creator free Joomla template Morph for creating your website. 

Form builder

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 12
Form Builder

Every site requires a form, and to build it, you do not need to rely on any other Joomla contact form extensions. Quix offers you form builder element, that helps you to build your required form instantly. This element is enriched with all the necessary fields that are required in a daily contact form.

Add as much as fields you require than collect the data. It can be a survey form, login form, registration form, etc.

Slider Pro

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 13
Slider Pro

A great looking site always catches the eyesight of the user by showing elegant slider and images. If you can create attractive slider, the chances for staying at your site of users increases a lot. To create a stunning slider you might think of using third party extensions, but not anymore.

Quix’s slider pro element allows you to create mind blowing sliders within shortest time and very easily. Add different animations, navigation in the way you want with slider pro element. Slider don’t meant to be designed in one way, it’s your site, style it in the way you want with Quix page builder.

Advanced Media Manager

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 14
Media Manager

Media manager has changed its form. Now you can upload or just drag & drop image, video, gif, and SVG files. It’s just that simple. 

Media manager is an important feature. Without it, you had to upload the same file in case of reuse, you had to do all the adjustments in desktop and then upload it, all the manageable functions would drive you crazy as it would increase your workload.

But now, with the help of advanced media manager, you can insert image, video, icons, audio files etc with just a click. Once you’ve uploaded a file, media manager will store it. You don’t have to upload the same file repeatedly.

3rd Party Integration 

Best Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder - 2020 15
3rd Party Integration
  • Font Awesome 5: Icons play an essential role in websites, and Font Awesome is the most popular icon pack available. Font Awesome gives you more control, icons, and more customizability options than any other icon packs.
  • Unsplash Integration: One of the biggest and most necessary 3rd party integrations of Quix is Unsplash. There is no need to browse outside the builder to get an image. Within media manager search for any royalty free images and insert directly without any hassle. Your valuable time will be saved.
  • JU Directory: JU Directory is a professional, powerful, and flexible directory extension. You can create any kind of content by using Quix integrated with JU Directory. It will help you to create multiple directories like Real Estate, Business Directory, Car Dealer, Movie Rating, and lots more.
  • K2: You can transform your Joomla website to a news or magazine site with author blogs, work portfolio, product catalog, document manager, and lots more by using Quix integrated with K2.
  • HikaShop: Nowadays, HikaShop is one of the most popular Joomla e-commerce extensions. Using HikaShop on your site, you can increase your sales dramatically.
  • VirtueMart: VirtueMart is another popular Joomla e-commerce extension. Quix has been integrated with VirtueMart so that you will be profitable.  
  • Quix is also integrated with popular extension like J2Store and EasyBlog to make your website building experience better than ever. 

Quix Pro vs Quix Free – Comparison at a Glance

Visual Builder YesYes
Live SEO Optimization ScoreYes
ACL(Access Control List)YesYes
Image Optimization Yes
AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)Yes
Custom CSS Support YesYes
3rd Party Extension Support YesYes
Advanced Media Manager YesYes
Tablets and Mobile SupportYesYes
Full Design CustomizationYesYes
Page Templates(availability)YesYes
Copy/Paste Style Yes
Shape DividerYes
Link Page to MenuYesYes
Elements1916 + all the free elements

Final Words

From the very beginning of the Quix, it never disappointed its users. With its modern features and seamless performance, Quix remains the number one choice of all Joomla lovers. So, grab this Joomla page builder and experience its awesomeness. Don’t forget to inform your feedback through the comment box below. 


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