7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click

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If you’re on the track for online mockup generators for showcasing your projects or plans in realistic environments, you’ve come to the right place. I have prepared a list of the best online mockup generators that includes free online mockup generator tools and online t-shirt mockup generator as well.

With the help of an online mockup generator, you can quickly get a first visual impression of your future website. Online mockup generators can save your enormous time if you don’t have expertise in photoshop or other designing tools. It is really easy to use, and by using free online mockup generator tools, you can save both of your time and money. It will cost you nothing.

Online mockup generators will simply amaze you by improving the speed in designing workflow. Use free online mockup generators listed below and get the job done literally in a few minutes.

Why You Use Online Mockup Generator?

  • Image Quality: Mockup generator will provide you the best quality images that will perfectly reflect your design.
  • Time-Saving: It is an extremely time-saving process. The same mockup that you can create by using photoshop will take your much more time than generating it from online.
  • Design Implementation: How does your initial design perform? From a usability perspective, a mockup lets you test the visual details and change them before it’s committed to code.
  • Large Library with Multiple Format: Each one of the online mockup generator websites consists of a vast number of libraries that are more than enough of your need. 
  • Mockup Customization: It will enable you to customize mockups as you want. Customization is flawless and flexible. 

Who Can Use Online Mockup Generator?

  1. Designers: Mockup generator can improve the speed in designers’ workflow. Instead of opening Photoshop or other designing tools, they can use a mockup generator by following some really easy steps. Being able to create high-quality mockups will aid clients in visualizing the implementation of the design in context. 
  2. Non-Designers: Besides designers, non-designers can also enjoy the ease-of-use and simplicity of mockup generator tools. You can quickly choose a high-quality mockup from a predefined library. There are no hidden costs, and you can quickly customize designs with minimal technical knowledge.

How to Create Free Mockups?

  • Step 01: At first, select the category which one you need like desktop, mobile device, wall frame, watch, etc.
  • Step 02: Upload a screenshot of your site or app or simply enter its URL in some cases.
  • Step 03: Customize it if needed.
  • Step 04: Preview the final image.
  • Step 05: Download it in the necessary resolution and format. 

7 Best Online Mockup Generator


Quantity: 17,472+

Categories: T-Shirts, T-Shirt Videos, Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tees, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Beanies, Garment Only, Sublimated, Apparel, iPhone, iPhone X, MacBooks, iPads, iMacs, Pillows, Hats, Books, Tote Bags, Tank Tops, Onesies, Leggings, Sports Bras, Sports Jerseys, Travel Mugs, Phone Cases, PopSockets, Facebook Ads, Responsive Devices, App Store Screenshots, App Videos, Android Devices, Posters, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, Magazines, Brochures.

Format: JPG, PNG, MP4

Resolution(width): Perfectly fit with your screen size.

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 1

Placeit mockup generator offers a big variety of advantages, such as more than 17,472 ready-made mockup templates with all types of surroundings. You can choose any of the existing devices, including all IOS products, PCs, mobiles and smartwatches.

It is a video mockup creation available too, so your clients will see their website in motion. Placeit is Recordit-compatible, so you get an option to shoot a short screencast of your mockup creation and share it to your social media account timeline.




Quantity: 2130+ free mockups

Categories: Technology, Logo, Print, Products, Apparel, Image Effects, Facebook 3D, Social Media.

Format: JPEG, PNG

Resolution(width): 2400 px

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 2
Media Modifier

Mediamodifier makes creating mockups easy. This online mockup generator tool uses a user-friendly drag and drop method to quickly and easily create your product mockups. Just insert your images into a graphic template. Don’t worry about having to create one. Mediamodifier provides ready-made templates for you.

Though their website looks ugly, they have a good selection of mockups. Additionally, all logged in users can download small images of their creations. The images also don’t have a watermark. You do have the option to download a full size quality image, however, you need an active subscription to do so.


FreeDay TicketMonthly Annually
Unlimited download $15 Valid all day $23/month $99/year
Watermarked image Billed Once Billed monthly

Smart Mockups

Quantity: Technology 1248+, Print 660+, Packaging 181+, Apparel 245+, Home and decor 117+, Social media 22+

Categories: Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, watch

Format: PNG

Resolution(width):original (2500 px), large (1920 px), medium (1280 px), small (880 px)

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 3
Smart Mockups

Smartmockups does a really good job of making a simple website which has ease of use at core. There are a lot of features that you can utilize, you can; use video instead of an image, animated GIF’s & integrate it with other programmes such as Photoshop.

Smartmockups doesn’t just include mockups for your websites, you can also find business cards, t-shirts, billboards and books. 


FreeMonthly Monthly Monthly
200 free mockups $9/month  $19/month $39/month
Best for single user Best for professionals
who create mockup regularly.
Best for team.Up to 5 users.


Quantity: 889+ mockups

Categories: Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, other (Apple watch, outdoor signage, business card, frame, billboard, TV, paper book

Format: PNG

Resolution(width): XS (700+ px), S (1500+ px), M (2300+ px), L (3100+ px), XL (3800+ px)

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 4

Mockuper is a very simple but useful tool that generates mockups in minutes. The best part of this amazing tool is, it comes with a 100% free package. You just need to choose a mockup, upload your image, customize it if needed, and finally download your mockup ready file.

That’s all you need to do to have a gorgeous mockup file. With 889+ mockups variation, it would be a handy for you in case of your urgency.  


Mockuper is a free online mockup generator.

Magic Mockups

Quantity: 25+ mockups

Categories: Laptop, phone, tablet, iMac, other.

Format: JPEG

Resolution(width): 960 px, 1280 px, 1600 px, 1920 px, 3000 px, 5000+ px

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 5
Magic Mockups

Magic mockups is one of the best free mockup generators that can generates mockup within moments. With its help, you can create real-life mockups and use them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Due to CC0 licensing, they require neither attribution nor copyright notes. There aren’t too many mockups available, but they all look professional and come in high quality. 


Magic mockup is a free online mockup generator.

Mockups Jar

Quantity: 696+ mockups

Categories: iPhone, Android, MacBook, Frames, Browsers, Packaging, Apparel, Tablets, Books.

Format: PNG, JPG, PDF

Resolution(width): 320 px, 480 px, 640 px, 1280 px, 2560 px

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 6
Mockup Jar

MockupsJar is all in one platform powering designs. It easily creates the mockups for your design in just a matter of minutes. It needs no photoshop or any plugins for showing its awesomeness, it just needs your design and it will begin its magic. Use it with just simple three steps and your mockup is ready. 


€5/month €15/year€
€ 25/month
(Mockups Generated API )


Quantity: 90+ mockups

Categories: iOS, Android, Windows phone, laptop, desktop, TV

Format: PNG

Resolution(width): 2,000+ px

7 Best Online Mockup Generator to Generate Mockup in 1-Click 7
Mockup Phone

MockuPhone is a highly interactive platform which allows you to wrap your design in your mobile device in just a click. You just need to drop your design in the work box and your mockup will be generated in a matter of few seconds. It is best suited tool for beginners.


Mockup phone is a free online mockup generator.


If you seek my recommendation, I would strongly recommend you Placeit. The reason is not only it has a diverse number of categories, but also it contains a huge amount of mockups that is more than your need. It is easy to use, and at the same time, it comes with modern design. 

Let me know which online mockup generator you are using and which one you wanna recommend. Comment box is open for you.


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