Stencil VS Canva – An Ultimate Comparison

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We often look for things that make our work more comfortable and save our valuable time. Indeed we did. That’s the reason we always prefer ready-made things just because they are already organized. This is as applicable for designing and designing tools. Yes, I am talking about online designing tools here.

For business purposes or personal use, online designing tools are a blessing. From plenty of choices, it’s often hard to stick with one due to their massive feature list. If you look for the perfect one, then it might take your lifetime. Who knows!

Lucky for you, we have two best options from the ocean of alternative of online designing tool and they are Stencil and Canva. Here we are looking for the answer which one is the best option for you between Stencil vs Canva.

Okay, then. Let the wrestling begin for Stencil vs Canva. Bet for one and read the content to know the winner of this ultimate battle.  

Why Do You Use Online Designing Tool?

Stencil VS Canva - An Ultimate Comparison 1

To stay competitive, you need tools that can save time. Luckily with the evolution of the web, we’ve seen plenty of online graphic design tools over the years. If you want to intensify your photo with a better appearance, then the online designing tool is the only choice; therefore, no software to install, everything is done online. 

Seems good, isn’t it? But what is the exact reason to use the online designing tool?

The main reason to use pro or free online graphic design tools is to save your time as this kind of tool made ready design for you almost instantly. As a designer, you might have to design a lot per day, and If any of the existing online designing tools save at least 10 minutes of your time each day – it is worth a try

Stencil vs Canva- Quick Overview

Before digging in the ultimate comparison between Stencil and Canva, lets have a quick overview about some of their features. Both Stencil and Canva are enriched with extensive noteworthy aspect; however good things have some lacking also.

Pre-Made Template ✔️ ✔️
Royalty-Free Image ✔️ ✔️
Drag and Drop Approach ✔️ ✔️
Google Font ✔️ ✔️
App Integration ✔️ ✔️
Free Trial ✔️ ✔️
Template850+Not Specific
Social Media Live Preview ✔️
Transparent Background With Free VersionWith Pro Version
Upload Image ✔️
Upload Font ✔️
Image DirectoryFree to Use$1 for Each

What is Stencil?

Stencil VS Canva - An Ultimate Comparison 2

Stencil is an online-based graphics designing tool that can create beautiful media graphics in second; also, you can share those visual content. The best part of Stencil is its installation speed, all-inclusive-pricing plans, direct sharing on social media, and integration with Buffer if I considered Stencil vs Canva. 

Stencil can generate exclusive social media posts, ad graphics, content marketing visuals, email images, and many more. It is a perfect choice for social media marketers; therefore, you can create and publish images to social networking sites and integrate Buffer for scheduling posts.

You can view a live preview before sharing your image, and those images are mostly royalty-free. Apart from this, you will get high-resolution images powered by Pixabay and Pexels. Stencil also has a Firefox add-on along with the Chrome extension. 

Although Stencil has a free trial period, however, the best part belongs to its two different pro plans.

Best Features of Stencil

  • Designed for speed: Create images faster & more comfortable than you’ve ever experienced with over a million high-quality images to choose from.
  • Simple to use: Comfortable to work with and insanely simple to use; therefore, you do not need any previous experience to do so.
  • 2,200,000 stunning royalty-free photos: Over 2,200,000 incredible stock photos and one of the best best stock photo sites. They are super high resolution, and ready to use instantly.
  • Image attributes with dynamic text: Create an image one time and tweak it several times for different platforms also, enhance your text by adding shadows or an extra layer.
  • 2700+ Google font: Find the perfect Google font for your image by using thousands of web fonts, and it’s around 2700+; also, you can upload your preferred font. 
  • Instant Image Resizing: Change the size of your image without ever leaving the page or reload the page. Just resize the image almost instantly. 
  • Logo and photo upload: Upload logos and photos and put a touch of professionalism. It can be used for copyright purposes as well as to impress clients.
  • 850+ amazing templates: Create beautiful images even faster with 850+ amazing templates, which are almost ready to be edited at any time.
  • 2,000,000+ icons to choose from: Being partnered with the best icon providers, Stencil brings you exclusive access to premium icons for personal or commercial use.
  • Preview & share your images: Create, preview, and share Share directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in seconds to make a social connection.
  • Premium support: Stencil is very much determined to help their customers succeed with the potential premium support.


Free: Free trial available.
Pro plan: $9/month if paid annually otherwise $15/month.
Unlimited plan: $12/month if billed annually otherwise $20/monthly.   

What is Canva?

Stencil VS Canva - An Ultimate Comparison 3

Canva is one of the most used online designing tools in recent times, with a wide range of rich features. Canva offers you much flexibility in terms of photo editing, image creation, graphics development, and many more. It is both suitable and extremely comfortable for pro designers as well as the non-designers.

With Canva’s drag-and-drop design interface, it is super-easy to create professional designs and illustrations for both business and non-business uses. Canva also offers you photo straightening, cropping, adding text to an image, adding texture, adding icons and stickers, and much more relevant features. 

Besides the basics, the real beauty of Canva is its ability to create designs from scratch. With plenty of high-quality royalty-free images and a wide variety of icons, 50,000+ Templates, designing is much more comfortable with Canva.

You can use Canva free for life; however, if you want to unlock all the fantastic pro features, then you definitely go for the pro plan. 

Best Features of Canva

  • Templates: Choose the perfect one from over 50,000 free ready to use templates for your next project for every occasion.
  • Photo Straightener: You can instantly straighten your pictures to your utmost satisfaction whenever you like, without any loss of time.
  • Image Cropper: Crop the size of your image also alter the size further, making it suitable for the frame. Quickly fix up your composition and re-crop your images, and always hassle-free. 
  • Add Text to Your Image: You can add text to your image, also resize it, edit it, change the fonts and colors, choose any text holder, or opt for inbuilt typography.
  • Speech bubbles: You can create speech bubbles to enhance your images also get the comic effect or thought effect or anything you wish to use with different colors and styles.
  • Speech bubbles: You can create speech bubbles to enhance your images also get the comic effect or thought effect or anything you wish to use with different colors and styles.
  • Create Transparent Images: If you wanted to give faded transparency, you have just to lower the transparency by adjusting the transparency slider. That’s all.
  • Photo Blur: With the blur slider, softening around the edges of the photo to improve your creative possibilities. Also, create a photo-booth fantasy by adding a slight blur.
  • Photo Vignette: Creating the darkened effect of a vintage camera is so easy with Canva’s Photo VIgnette feature. No need to buy a vintage camera anymore! 
  • Design Grids: Create photo collage, social media posts, and blog graphics into half, quarter formats, or any other complex model. 
  • Free Icons: Plenty of free icons and graphics are available in Canva, which can be selected to populate your infographics.
  • Add Photo Frame: Lots of frames are available in different styles like round, silly, and simple to highlight your photos. Just drag the photo and drop it on the selected frame. 
  • Stickers: Canva offers a host of stickers to add stickers, slogans, or stamps to enhance your images, create fun memes, and make more memories out of them.
  • Add Texture: The design textures available in the Canva library can be used to improve the designs. Start your design with some cool inbuilt fancy backgrounds.


Free: Free trial available. 
Canva Pro: $ 12 .95 per team member  monthly. $ 9 .95 per team member monthly & Billed $119.40 yearly.
Canva Enterprise: Teams with more than 20 members. Contact with them.

Features They Both Have In Common

Stencil VS Canva - An Ultimate Comparison 4

Canva and Stencil are both the most competent two in the market and offers very similar features for small business owners and enterprise also. Before digging into the comparison between Stencil vs Canva, it’s worth sharing the great features they have in common.

If I consider Stencil vs Canva, then the first statement in common between them is that they are both online based graphic design tools. Easy usability, basic graphic creation, and photo editing capabilities with a vast amount of templates are the most usual features they both have. Also, they are the best stock photo sites with millions of royalty-free photos.

You will get a free trial version with both as Stencil and Canva offer free versions of their service. However, the pricing plan that they are offering is quite productive and budget-friendly. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to start using them, but to access premium features from each tool, you must become a paid member.

Here’s a list for Stencil vs Canva and their best common things:

  • Pre-made template: Both have plenty of pre-made templates to create images that fit perfectly across common social media sites and almost ready to use instantly.
  • Royalty-free images:You can upload your own preferred image also select from their collection from million of royalty-free images offered by Canva or Stencil.
  • Drag and drop approach: Both are drag and drop friendly, however add icons, text, or images over graphics and pictures in an easy manner.
  • Google Font: Get access to 2000+ Google fonts to overlay your designs and graphics with quotes or headlines whatever you want to use.
  • Easy Download: Easily download design you have made and use them immediately in either web or any other print media. Just in second
  • App integrations: Both Stencil and Canva support optional app integrations.

How They Differ (Stencil vs Canva)?

Stencil VS Canva - An Ultimate Comparison 5


Pricing for Stencil vs Canva is quite similar in some cases, although they claim that they are cheaper than the other. Canva provides the lowest monthly subscription than Stencil. For Canva, the monthly offering is $12.95, where Stencil offers $15. 

But considering the yearly billing, Stencil is the ultimate winner. For Stencil, you have to pay $9 per month if billed annually. On the other hand, for Canva, it is $9.95. This is not a big deal; however, if the total amount contemplates, then it matters because of $11.4 extra pay. 

Design Option

Both Stencil and Canva offers a huge designing options to design but here Canva’s templates and design elements are quite stronger than Stencil. However,  for image resizing, transparent backgrounds, and uploading fonts you definitely need paid subscription plan. 

On the other hand, Stencil offers only a few numbers of template options than Canva. Most of the stencils templates only available with their Pro and Unlimited plans. This is quite a minus point for Stencil for sure. 


Stencil and Canva are both extraordinarily user-friendly, and they both used simply drag-and-drop approaches to edit or to make graphics. However, social media live preview, and posting tool for both desktop and mobile makes Stencil different and more straightforward than Canva. 

Canva’s social media live preview and posting tool; therefore, it is as usual as a typical online design tool can do so. Open, edit, save it, done. This is it. 

Free feature comparisons

Stencil’s best free feature is that you can download an image with a fully transparent background. But unfortunately, in Canva, you cannot. Also, stencils free version provides limited photos, icons and upload up to 50 images where with Canva, you can access millions of photos starting at $1 each. 

Stencil offers live social media preview with its free plan; therefore, after creating your design, you can check your graphics look appropriate for each social media network or not. On the other hand, image resizing capabilities, upload your own images, use the existing templates are the Canva’s best free features.

Paid Version Comparison

Canva’s Pro plan mainly focused on giving you additional editing capabilities and shared team options; therefore, this contains features like image sizing and background changing while Stencil’s Pro plan gives you additional everything, such as graphic elements, templates. 

Both Stencil and Canva’s pro plans give you more storage, icons, and images. If you look through their pro plan feature list from their site, then you might be noticed that Stencil has ready-made everything wherein Canva you have your own choice to upload photos, even fonts.

With Stencil, you can use an extra browser extension to edit on the page instantly, and this is a unique characteristic for Stencil. There you have 2500+ google font also. Canva pro allows uploading custom fonts with the capability to export images with a transparent background add animated graphics, shared templates and folders, and many more.

Over 2 million photos are waiting for on Stencil’s Pro plan, and you don’t have to go to Unsplash or any other photo directory site to find the right image for your graphic. But, Canva is not that much cheap. You have to pay $1 for every best image, even on the Pro plan.

Canva is rich with its massive collection of templates and custom features, where Stencil’s strong point is its vast amount of design elements and resources. 

Final Word

I hope the above content helps you to choose the best between Stencil vs Canva. I try my level best to give you the best of these two market killers. Stencil and Canva are both dominating competent and two best stock photo sites ; however, it’s always your choice which one is comfortable and best suited with your way of work.

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